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Vodafone SIM Only Deals

Vodafone are the UK’s most reliable network according to Independent research. In fact they were the first network in the world to be awarded the BS 25999 Business Continuity Certificate for their ‘disaster-proof’ service. They have also been also been voted ‘Best Network’ several times at the annual Mobile Choice Awards, most recently in 2012.


Out of Bundle Rates (UK)

Below is a list of Vodafone’s out-of-bundle-charges. These rates are what you can expect to pay should you exceed your monthly allowance of minutes, texts and data. Click here to compare these rates to other providers.

  • Mobile/Landline Calls: 40p/min
  • Texts: 15p
  • Data: £6/250mb (for plans with data). £1.50/day for up to 100mb (for plans without data)
  • Voicemail: 40p/min
  • Freephone/Non-Geographic Numbers: 14p – £35p per minute (0900 numbers may cost considerably more)

Other Features

  • Tethering: Allowed
  • Fair Usage Restrictions: No
  • Account Capping: Not allowed

Check out our FAQ to learn more about these features.

SIM Only Deals

Vodafone’s SIM only deals are currently available in either 1 month rolling or 12 month contracts – the longer the contract the better the value. They also offer standard, Micro and Nano SIM card types, so no matter what handset you have, they have the right SIM for you.

Vodafone currently boasts a wide selection of SIM only contracts catering for smart phones and feature phones alike. All of Vodafone’s SIM only plans are available in a Blackberry alternative which includes free and unlimited BIS. they also have a wide selection of SIM only deals for iPads/tablets

The added bonus of choosing a Vodafone SIM only plan is that you get 750 MB of free BT Open-zone Wi-Fi which means you can tap into any one of thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots across around the UK.

Another cool bonus, which applies exclusively to their 12 month contracts, is Vodafone Data Test Drive. This is a unique benefit that basically means you can really let your internet usage rip because you get unlimited mobile data for the first Three months.

And that’s not all. We also have a special offer code for you that cuts your contracted monthly payment in half for the first three months. Just enter MSIM3H at the checkout when ordering your SIM only deal. This offer code only works on orders for 12 month contracts.

Why Choose Vodafone

Not only are they reliable, with lots of great special offers but Vodafone’s customer support is UK based so you can expect a good level of communication if you do run into any issues. They also offer amazing retention deals so if you try to leave Vodafone you could find that they bribe you in an effort to change you mind.

Vodafone now has a trusty 4G service up and running. Currently it benefits major cities across the UK but it’s expanding constantly to meet Vodafone’s target of 98% UK coverage. By choosing Vodafone it could mean home-broadband speed internet on the go.

Vodafone aren’t the generally the cheapest network but what you are paying just a little extra for is an award wining, highly reliable service. See how Vodafone SIM Only Deals compare with other networks >>

Customer Reviews

Sturdy Coverage but Poor Customer Support

Dec 30, 2013 by Tomas O'Leary

I was with Vodafone for two years. During this time I don't recall ever having issues with coverage even though I lived in Carmarthen in Wales. The only issue I had was when it came to leaving their network and I needed a PUK code so I could carry my number to a new provider. Vodafone's phone support were far from helpful. Eventually I got the issue resolved thanks to the Vodafone in-store staff who seemed to know what they were doing.

Comparisim Newbury , Rg145DE UK 4.0 4.0 1 1 I was with Vodafone for two years. During this time I don't recall ever having issues with coverage even though I lived in Carmarthen in Wales. The only issue I had was when it cam

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