Data Only SIMs

Mobile Broadband Devices

Examples of devices that would benefit from a Mobile broadband SIM only deal include ‘Wi-Fi + 3G’ versions of all iPads, Samsung Galaxy Tabs and Notes, HTC Flyers, Google Nexus tabs as well as a wide variety of other tablet PCs.

In addition to iPads and other tablets, mobile broadband SIM only deals are perfect for netbooks, Dongles and wireless broadband routers.

Still on Pay as you Go?

You may have a mobile broadband device (tablet, dongle, netbook etc.) and pay for your data on a Pay as you Go basis. Over time, as you become more reliant on your device, your requirement for mobile internet may increase. If you find yourself topping-up every month then it would make sense to switch over to a data only contract because you will get more data for your spend and without the hassle of having to top-up.

Going abroad?

Taking your tablet, netbook or dongle with you when you go abroad is a great way to stay connected with friends, family or business matters while you’re away. Whether it’s for a quick catch-up on facebook while lounging at the pool side or an important video conference from the airport waiting area, you’ll need mobile broadband from time to time.

Normal Roaming

Your UK based mobile broadband subscription could serve this purpose but as you would be ‘roaming’ this would no doubt be a very costly affair. Travelling can be quite stressful enough as it is so who needs the added burden of worrying about roaming charges.


Thankfully Roamline have the solution with data only SIM cards designed for low-cost roaming across 135 countries worldwide.

Freedom and Convenience

Combining the convenience of Contract and the freedom of Pay as you Go; with Roamline There is no line rental so you only ever pay for exactly what you use plus you don’t need to worry about topping-up because payments are made at the end of each billing cycle via direct debit.

Low-Cost Data Roaming

Specialising in mobile broadband, Roamline offer extremely competitive rates on data. Data roaming in the Europe,  USA and Canada is charged at a flat rate of just € 0.39 per MB. Convert that to pound sterling >>

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